Any Given Day Diamonds [Rihana Cover Updated]


Any Given Day Diamonds is the most incredible metal cover that exists so far. We searched the internet all over the place, we listened to a lot of covers of the specific song, but that cover makes the difference and has so far collected almost 10,000,000 YouTube views.

Any Given Day Diamonds & band story

Any Given Day is a metalcore band that formed in 2012 in Gelsenkirchen by singer Diehlin Dennis, Andy Posdziech The Guitarist and Dennis ter Schmitten in 2012 , and drummer Raphael Altmann who played in several bands before and bassist Michael Golinski.

A three track demo was released in October 2012. The Debut Album “My Longest Way Home” contains these all three songs and released in September 2014 by Label Redfield Records.

The band: any given day became more familiar when their album reaches no 28 position in the German Charts and stayed in that position about for seven days. After this, the band decided to do some tours in Bochum, Munich, Berlin, and Stuttgart for a better promotion.

Any Given Day band

Another great tour was in January 2014, when any given day metal band toured with well-known metal band Caliban and the next o great tour was with Sonic Syndicate in the mid-September.

Caliban had another tour at the beginning of 2015 and they decided to choose them again as the support band. At this tour, other great bands were on the same stage and their names are Dream On Dreamer and Bury Tomorrow.

They managed to attract many fans fast enough and today they have 68.000 Facebook fans and 61.000 YouTube Subscribers.

While their style is Metalcore, Metal Hammer categorized them as deathcore style with elements of djent, progressive metal and metalcore.

We can admit that they can be compared to Suicide Silence, Slipknot, and other great bands.

A few words about band members…

The singer Diehlin Dennis was vocalist to the bands Butterfly Coma and The Mercury Arc
The guitarist Andy Posdziech was before to the bands Horus Prevails, Butterfly Coma and The Mercury Arc
The drummer Raphael Altmann and the other guitarist and back vocalist Dennis Ter Schmitten was before to the bandHorus Prevails
And finally Their Bassist and also back vocalist Michael Golinski was before to the band My Secret Plan

Any Given Day Diamonds - Diehlin Dennis

It’s time to Listen The outstanding Any Given Day Diamonds Cover. Watch the video bellow.

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