Ashes To Ashes Present “Once Upone a Time”


Wormholedeath’s “sister” label Epictronic and Wormholedeath Records are proud to announce that ashestoashes official video for the song “Once Upone a Time”, taken from “Urania”(2016, Epictronic), is out today via Vevo!

The song has been re-recorded with the new singer Giulia Sarpero.

ashestoashes MUSIC
A band who blend light and dark, heavy and acoustic Ashes to Ashes take female fronted metal to a new level with a mix of cleans and growls that is visionary. With touches of alternative metal and even bits and pieces of post hardcore on one side and clean arpeggios on the other one, the style of the band became easily recognizable and peculiar. The guys think their strenght is this ambition of creating a distinctive sound.

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