Bring Me The Horizon a powerful band

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon, in short BMTH, are Formed in 2004 and they are a British rock/metalcore band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire.The band consists Oliver Sykes vocalist, Lee Malia guitarist, Matt Kean bassist , Matt Nicholls drummer and Jordan Fish keyboardist.

Bring Me The Horizon signed to R.C.A Records globally and exclusively in the United States by Columbia Records. The primary style of their music, has been mentioned as deathcore, but along the way they gave a more eclectic style of metalcore on their later albums.

But have you ever wondered where their name came from? Their name has been taken from the stunning movie “Pirates Of The Caribbean” and more specifically from the phrase that Captain Jack Sparrow said “Bring Me That Horizon”.

Bring Me the Horizon’s members had different musical backgrounds within rock and metal. Oliver Sykes and Matt Nicholls had the same musical interest in USA metal core like Skycamefalling and Norma Jean , and they used to attend at local hardcore/punk shows.

Their debut album was released in 2006 called “Count Your Blessings”. In 2008 they released their second creative album called Suicide Season and was recorded in Sweeden. The third album was released in 2010 and they titled it “There Is a Hell, Believe Me, I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret”.

At their third album they got a new member, a new rhythm guitarist Jona Weinhofen. Weinhofen was a long-time user for Caparison Guitars. Also we have to mention that Jona was on top 50 chart of the best Guitarists in Australian-History.

The Band in April 2011 started a tour arround Europe and the first country was the United Kingdom. With them was the bands “Architects” and “Parkway Drive” as main support bands.The first opening support band of the United Kingdom was “The Devil Wears Prada”.


However, during their period there were also problems. On 28 April their drummer Matt Nicholls during a football match he broke his arm. But they didn’t cancel their European tour because Dan Searle Architects’ drummer took Nicholls position and their tour was extented.

Matt Nicholls and his broken arm

Bring Me The Horizon had an amazing experience/collaboration with Machine Head in December 2011. Machine Head had a European tour and they chose BMTH as their main support band. Also other great bands such Darkest Hour and DevilDriver was in the same tour.

The latest news about this amazing band is that they are almost ready for their new album. Especially their front-man Oli Sykes says that our fans will listen our new material in December 2018. Also he says that their next album will not be a super heavy but neither a pop record.

The conclusion about the style of their new album is that it will eventually be a mainstream. And this conclusion came from Oli Sykes words: “The idea to choose mainstream style is more like a challenge… a great challenge to us. The goal is to retain who we are but also to create another style of music that will attract even more fans”

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