leo moracchioli an amazing and talented musician

leo Moracchioli

leo moracchioli an amazing and talented musician from Rogaland, Norway.

Leo moracchioli has made the best metal covers. A few days ago, I decided to sit down and listen hard rock and metal covers. So I made a hot cup of coffee I sat down comfortably and started searching and listening to various songs. After hearing enough, I found out Leo. An amazing and very talented musician.

From beautiful Norway, we present to you an amazing musician who has made the best music cover we’ve heard so far.

Leo played in bands from the age of 15, but in recent years he has focus into the creation of his own music studio, which he has accomplished with great success and of course a lot of work, and now it’s ready to accept music bands for recording and producing, mixing and mastering and more. His studio name is Frog Leap Studios.

He became very popular when he decided to create for fun a metal cover of Lady Gaga’s song poker face. So he did the cover and uploaded it on his Youtube channel. Leo’s metal cover gained over 1.000.000 views. After this he decided to create metal covers with a unique style. Great success also had Adele’s cover Hello with over 40.000.000 views


This man except his amazing metal covers does and extremely unique videos, he really feels the rhythm and you can understand this from his face expressions and from the result ofcourse.

In the past Leo Moracchioli has been the lead vocalist for bands Trendkill, Lowdown, Zerozonic and more. Leo has more than 2.000.000 subscribers now on his Youtube channel. We present some really unique photos that we collected from his videos and we hope you like them.

Bellow you can find all his social media links so you can see and watch more material from his work.

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