Leo Moracchioli Hello

Leo Moracchioli Hello

Leo Moracchioli hello the best metal cover so far

Leo moracchioli hello cover is the most famous metal cover that we’ve ever heard. This cover has strong guitar riffs, unique style and great sound quality. Leo made this cover inside his Music Studio in Rogaland, Norway.

We introduce you a multi-instrumentalist talent and owner of the Frog Leap Studios from Rogaland and his name is… Leo Moracchioli. He gained his popularity on YouTube by uploading metal covers of popular songs from various genres and artists, sometimes accompanied by his family members in either the recording of the song itself, or by appearing in the music video.

He’s been the lead vocalist for various local bands in the past, including Lowdown, Zerozonic and Trendkill.
In his interviews Leo has cited Pantera, Rage Against The Machine, Mike Patton, Die Antwoord, Steve Vai, and Queens Of The Stone Age as his influences.

So far leo has more than 2.4M subscribers at his YouTube channel and over 151.000 Likes at this Facebook fanpage.┬áLeo’s wife is also a bassit and his amazing 6 years old daughter takes part in his videos. Moraccioli also tries to convince his wife to participate at his amazing journey of metal covers.

So if you are a musician or a music fan you must check his youtube channel “From Leap Studios”, and we are sure that you will be surprised with his outstanding song covers. This man is just unstoppable and a great person.

Watch Leo Moracchioli Hello or in most cases hello leo. Also ee have to mention that this leo’s cover has over 43M views so far.


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