What Heavy Metal Means? The Answer is “Marauder”


“Marauder” were formed back in early 90s by Andreas Tsaousis and George Sofronas with only one thing in mind. To play Pure, Heavy Metal.
Huge headline and “opening act” live performances with monstrous bands such as Sabbaton, Accept, Q5, Riot, Nicko McBrain, Virgin Steele and many more plus 2 demos and 6 full length albums came along their 27 years old career.

In 1997 they release their first album by the name “Sense of Metal” and they receive a huge fan feedback.
2000. New millennium and the arrival of a legendary album called “1821”.
4 years later 2004 they release their third album “life?” and they seem unstoppable.
2008 “Face the Mirror” was born.

2012 “Elegy of Blood” made Marauder hitting the stages harder that ever.
On May 2016 Marauder release their 6th and most aggressive album by the name “Bullethead” along with great reviews from all over the world. Bullethead means “now or never” and that’s what Marauder trying to do!

Nikos “Mygas”: vocals
Andreas Tsaousis: guitars
George Sofronas: guitars
Theodore Paralis: bass
Rythm Hawk: drums

Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maraudergreece/