Presonus studiolive 32 most dominant mixer

presonus studiolive 32

Presonus studiolive 32 digital console/recorder is undoubtedly the most dynamic mixer of it’s kind. The third-generation Studiolive mixer, which is the product of nine years of research and development, is entirely recallable.

Presonus studiolive 32 features include 33 motor-powered faders which are perceptive to touch as well as 33 recallable XMAX preamplifiers. However, in defiance of it’s considerable characteristics, the console is in fact easy to manage, and enhances it’s traditional usage.

While allowing you to modify it’s performance to suit your needs. The desired sound exceeds any and all expectations, and it consists of new and improved Fat Channel management which has been re-mastered from the beginning as well as it’s classic equalizers and compressors.

If you want to own a system that is as impressive as applications that are used both live and in a studio, then apply a built-in audiovisual network and load a multitrack capture recording to your SD card in addition to an entire variety of software.

Presonus studiolive 32 has an excellent placement of the console’s buttons with great size and with a combination of a straightforward layout it’s obviously that it doesn’t cause any confusion to any user. The Titan Presonus has created smart and amazing interfaces so beginners can work with easily and of course at the hands of expert users this mixes is the most powerful tool.

The section of the cannels fills with suitable channels settings. Also the console can respond to the most advanced workflows, as this mixer can allow to the users the creation of custom layouts at the FatChannel. With this way your personal workflow can match better.

Presonus succeeded to fill every capability arround management and processing onto this outstanding mixer and of course many more features. We believe that with the release of this masterpiece a lot of manufactureres of mid tiers will have “received the message”.