Slipknot faces has been revealed

slipknot faces

Slipknot faces was a secret for a lot of years but not now. The legendary nine members of the popular band slipknot were able to keep secret their faces from the public making them all wondering how to look like their faces. But eventually, their faces were revealed to everyone.

Slipknot faces revealed while the band Stone Sour began to gain more popularity based on the best known to the public Corey Tailor and Jim Root and while their DVD “Voliminal Inside The Nine” was released to the public.

But the funniest story is told by their photographer Paul Harries, who during their live shows, the fans of Slipknot asked him if he had pictures without their masks and if they were regular faces underneath their masks.

As the members of the band say, each mask for each member was not just a mask, but a person who hid each one inside of them and had no voice to speak. So this was a way to reveal this hidden person and give him a shout to scream!

Slipknot faces idea:

Shawn’s was the whole idea mask. Shawn and his girlfriend were in a shopping mall, and as they walked, they saw a Halloween shop. At the shop window, there was a clown mask and cost $49, when the Shaw the mask he immediately realized she had to buy it.

Where slipknot made their masks:

After the stars had great success with their masks, they decided to recruit qualified staff to repair their old masks or to make new masks according to their needs. Some members gave their old masks to their close friends or kept it at their homes to remind them who they were.

Material that used for the masks:

The materials used to make the masks were leather, plastic, and metal. So the experts picked them up and took them together to have the result they wanted, and in the end, several of them dug up with an airbrush.

Bellow you can see Slipknot without their masks