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strandberg guitars

Strandberg guitars are the best choice

Strandberg guitars are astonishing and visually impressive, but they also come with their own limitations.  Created to overcome any obstacles, all while trying to deliver some of the best possible value and quality for their customers.

The thing to note about this company is that it’s a very new one when compared to the other big players on the market. But even if it’s a new company, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s created by beginners.

Ola Strandberg, one of the big minds behind the Strandberg guitars took it upon himself to reimagine the electric guitar. This is why these guitars are coming with a very distinct feel, shape, and weight.

He spent a lot of time researching the most important things about guitars, and he used all the information to create some distinct, one of a kind guitars that really manage to stand out of the crowd.


How did the Strandberg guitar brand come to be?

These guitars were created by Ola Strandberg, however, he wasn’t a guitar creator right from the start. In fact, he went to school with the idea of becoming a mechanical engineer. In fact, he got a job in that space for quite a while, and that did help him quite a lot.

Strandberg was a part of a MedTech company. He worked in the prototyping department, and R&D, where he got to learn from machine parts are used. He also learned how to use the CAD technologies here, info that was soon used to create the Strandberg guitars.

He then left to another company in the same field, and he had a similar role. He was very busy, so obviously playing guitars became a secondary role, not something very important and truly significant for him. That is, until after quite some time when things started to change.

strandberg guitars

As you can imagine, Strandberg guitars were mostly created out of coincidence. Strandberg was focused on breaking new grounds and innovation. He created prototypes and designs, so innovation was in his blood.

After he quit one of his jobs, he found himself with a lot of time on his hands. That’s when he started to build a guitar after 15 years as a hiatus.
He wanted to make a headless guitar, mainly because Strandberg owned a Hogner and he liked the idea.

The problem is that when he tried to find replacement parts, he didn’t get to find any. So, when he couldn’t find the parts, he thought about creating them, to begin with. While browsing online for solutions, he found a community of guitar builders that had some really interesting innovations on their hands.

That community was mostly focused on ergonomics, and they didn’t care that much about looks.

The Ergonomic Design Of Strandberg

He took some of those ideas and combined them with his own in order to create a new concept. That concept was called the Ergonomic Guitar System, and he was focused on retrofitting used guitars to make them more ergonomic.

Strandberg was still online trying to interact with builders and acquiring ideas. But the more he posted online; the more people started to be interested in this. As a result, he started to receive invitations that would allow him to sell the hardware to various companies.

And that’s how Strandberg guitars started. He started to make those parts initially, there were a few orders, and then there were more and more guitars required by clients.

He initially went with carbon fiber twisted necks, however, after 2.5 years of doing this, Strandberg finally went with the idea of using a conventional neck, a true EGS guitar.

Did the ergonomic approach matter?

Yes, it mattered quite a lot. Chris Letchford contacted Strandberg to create a 7 string guitar, and he tried to do that. It was a success, and the client liked it a lot. Strandberg was confused because he thought that such a product might not seem manly.

But the reality is that musicians practice many hours per day, so they do have repetitive stress injuries all the time. If you can find a way to eliminate those issues, then that’s the right thing you need to focus on.

It can take a whole lot of time and effort for the Strandberg guitars to be made, but they are great, custom models that do stand out of the crowd. Another interesting thing to note about these guitars is that they do get to stand out a lot.

Some people believe that manufacturing restrictions are forcing design compromises. That’s why a lot of people believe that most guitars end up being very expensive because they don’t get to bring in front the type of design that customers may want.

Granted, some people want to have great performance, but the visuals of a guitar also tend to sell the product on its own. So, finding the perfect balance between balance and performance is extremely important.

The Strandberg guitars do a very good job at keeping that balance. It’s a great thing to take into consideration, and the best part is that the value as a whole is astonishing and certainly one of the best out there.

Strandberg did have a few issues finding the right balance for this sort of thing. But he started to see that the original means of manufacturing stuff were very restrictive. So, he started to focus on value and quality, while also making sure that the visuals are not affected that much!

Are there any traditional elements on Strandberg guitars?

Not that many! In fact, most of these guitars are created with the idea of being unique, one of a kind, amazing pieces that do stand out of the crowd. And they do. The value that you get from them is really good, to begin with, and the value as a whole is certainly among the very best.

But when it comes to traditional elements, the primary one is that most of the Strandberg guitars are created out of wood. This does make them stand out, and they also have a very good, personal experience that delivers an outstanding attention to detail!

What makes the Strandberg models stand out?

Maybe the best thing about the Strandberg guitars is that they have a low weight and a perfect balance. The manufacturer removed weight from the headstock, so the guitar is lighter, yet it still delivers a perfect balance.

On top of that, the body shape is versatile. It’s great for people that move around while playing, but it also fits singers and guitarists that enjoy playing the guitar while seated. It doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your head, which does make the experience very professional and distinct.

That does tend to make the experience very good as a whole because of it, and the quality outshines everything.
Aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber area part of this construction too. As a result, the experience is extremely good, and you do get a tremendous value for your money thanks to them. It’s one of the simpler tools out there, and the results do tend to shine quite a lot all the time.

The scale frets are adapted to your needs when you use Strandberg guitars. Simply put, everything is customized to offer you a very good playing experience, and there are little to no issues that you have to endure here.

That’s certainly the type of benefit you want to get, and the outcome is extremely good because of that reason alone.
Plus, the hardware used by these guitars is custom made from some of the lightest materials on the market.

They are an integral part of the market and for a very good reason. You really get to see a tremendous set of features, and there will always be some nice experiences to be had for you in the end. Just consider checking these guitars out if you want a high quality, professional unit to purchase right away!

What guitar types are there?

When you want to purchase a new guitar, you will find various guitar types to focus on. For example, the Strandberg guitars come with 6, 7, 8 or even 9 Strings. There are also artist signature models, specials, and accessories.

The idea with these guitars is that you can also get them custom made if you so desire. You want to make sure that you live in the US if you want them made to measure, as EU customers don’t receive this opportunity.

This happens because the headquarters and most of the operation takes place in the US. But still, it’s a tremendous opportunity to have this sort of value and quality implemented in here. It just works very well, and it does bring in front a tremendous value and quality that you will enjoy a lot.


How much do Strandberg guitars cost?

The Strandberg guitars tend to have a variety of prices, it all comes down to what you need, how many strings you want if the product is made to measure or not. All these things can subtract from the price or add to it.

So, you have to take your time as you identify everything and the result can actually be a very good idea.
As for the price itself, you can expect the units to be anywhere from $2000 to $6000 or sometimes even more. Basically, these guitars are accessible for all kinds of clients, and that’s what makes them good.

They are a great set of guitars that professionals can use, and even newcomers can get one. Sure, the price can be a bit steep for a newcomer, but if you are serious about the industry, you definitely need to give the Strandberg guitars a shot.

The Strandbergs are so light and easy to maneuver that you will find playing the guitar to be a whole lot of fun. And their unique design will always turn heads. You always get to customize the experience and make it unique to them, not to mention that the value is astonishing each time you use these.

So yes, you are indeed going to enjoy using these outstanding guitars a lot. You should consider using them the best way you can, as such custom guitars are hard to get by.

Are the Strandberg guitars durable?

This is a very good question. The guitars are made of high-quality wood, so you do get plenty of value for your money. But when it comes to durability, they are pretty tough as well. They won’t withstand a ton of pressure like some of the heavier models do, but these are lighter guitars, so something had to give.

It goes to show that such guitars are unlike anything you have ever seen. And the quality is great, even if some people will miss some of the older designs.

But as music creation evolve, so should guitar manufacturing. The Strandberg guitars are a revolution in the industry, and they do come with some very distinct features. That alone, combined with their great efficiency and light weight, makes them showcase a tremendous quality and value that you can rely upon.

And yes, Strandberg guitars do come in a variety of shapes and sizes. At the end of the day, if you want a unique, different and outstanding guitar, you do want to purchase a Strandberg. It’s just a stellar guitar company and one that took its mission very seriously.

Whether Strandberg guitars are the best in the world or not, that’s a debate that we will always have. But what we do know is that Strandberg guitars are indeed different, distinct and among some of the best on the market.

Musicians love them because they deliver good performance and they are also very light. So, if you want to create quality music and you need professional guitars, then you should consider the Strandberg brand. It stands out, it works well, and in the end, it manages to bring you the classic guitar performance with a modern design and unique tone!

The Anatomy of Strandberg guitars

With the new body shapes of Strandberg guitars, you can have more playing position while you are seated and of course, it gives you an incredible versatility and comfort. Another amazing invention the EndurNeck pending patent offers an outstanding and more efficient playing position. Now you can play more relaxed with greater resutls.

Strandberg gives incredible versatility and comfort

By removing weight from the headstock of the guitar they managed to succeed lowest weight so the guitar can stay balanced. Now you can play for longer with much better comfort and amazing results.

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