The Sardam Band – A Greek Band With High Quality Results


The Sardam Band (Sardam Trio) are a Greek band formed in Nea Triglia Halkidiki in 2009. Here go four junior high lads sharing the same passion and craze for music, having no idea what they’re getting into. Through the years, having experimented with classic rock and Greek rock, folk and a bunch of 60s-70s hits of the charts (and some off-charts), they’ve showed huge diversity in their set lists keeping them in flow with the times. Many compositions later, many lives, festivals, good and bad days, there came the day of their first original work. Their debut single Circle of Life was recorded in 2017 at Maverick Studios in Thessaloniki, incorporating Greek lyric and their own interests and concerns as students and individuals. A critically motivating factor for the band appeared to be the philharmonic of N. Triglia, leaded by head musician Thanasis Mpoulousis, with whom the band has performed countless times trying out rather different stylistic changes in rock and other genres.

Lazaridis Alexis (Laza): Vocals and Bass
Voikopoulos Spiros (Voic: – Guitars
Kammos Rafa: Drums

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Circle Of Life